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Susan Marletta-Hart, Ph. D. (1971) wrote the bestseller ‘Leven met Hooggevoeligheid; van opgave naar gave’ [Your High Sensitivity -- a Problem or a Gift?] (originally published by Ten Have in 2003, 23th Copies) and three other books on the topic high sensitivity which have not yet been translated, ‘Voluit leven met Hooggevoeligheid’ (Living a Full Life with High Sensitivity, Ten Have, 2006) and ‘Aandachtig leven met Hooggevoeligheid’ (Living Intently with High Sensitivity, Ten Have, 2010) and The high sensitive child (2013)

She is regarded internationally as an expert in high sensitivity, and works as an (online) high-sensitivity coach and trainer.

Susan Marletta-Hart studied Literature, Art and Film Culture at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the Vrije Universiteit (VU University Amsterdam), and worked for several years thereafter as an independent journalist and editor for a variety of television programmes.

Since her early years Susan has taken an interest in inner work and spirituality, wanting to contribute to the world in awareness and love. She discovered her own high sensitivity while studying and working as a Zen-Shiatsu therapist. Her knowledge of Eastern psychology gave her the insights and connections she needed so that she no longer suffered under her own highly-sensitive and intuitive nature, but transformed it into a gift. She has been studying with Rico Brunner, Robert Theodore Betz, Katherine Woodword Thomas among others. In 2000 she moved to Switzerland where she has since lived and worked. Susan is mother of two girls.

The majority of her work has been translated into German.


  Leven met hooggevoeligheid Voluit leven met hooggevoeligheid Aandachtig leven met hooggevoeligheid Leven met hooggevoelige kinderen  


Leven met hooggevoeligheid Aandachtig leven met

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