Hello, my name is Susan Marletta-Hart, author of four books on high sensitivity, coach on sensitivity and pioneer on energy dynamics. As an highly sensitive person I live with this quality every day. The characteristics of the high sensitive trait can lead to many specific daily problems.

I give workshops, counselings and trainings to help you understand your sensitivity better and I advise professionals how they can understand the trait better and give guidance to sensitive people in their counseling.

Please feel free to look around on the site and to experience what high sensitivty is, who I am and what I can offer you. Would you like to be kept informed ? Please feel free to contact us.

High sensitivity is most probably a hereditary trait.

Thus you are born with it. Highly-sensitive people perceive all sorts of subtle nuances where others miss them. What doesn’t bother others or may even be enjoyable to them, such as loud music or busy crowds, intrusive sirens, sharp lights, unfamiliar smells and shopping chaos, can provoke an intense reaction in someone who is highly sensitive.
He or she becomes over-stimulated. If such over-stimulation or over-excitement is prolonged, it results in a stress situation. When and for whom over-stimulation leads to stress is entirely individual and depends on other factors. Interested? Read more ......


An update post from the filmmakers of Sensitive The Movie.
Release June 2015 !


The highly sensitive child

1 in 5 children is highly sensitive. A highly sensitive child can be easily overwhelmed by noise and crowds, fearful of new situations and shy from aggressive interactions. Since the publication of 'Living with high sensitivity' many readers asked me how they can best deal with (their) highly sensitive children. What are their characteristics, how can you help them and what do you do if for example, the school is too busy, they are bullied or have much anxiety? How can you help your children cope in a world that does not appreciate sensitivity? This book shows how we can recognize a highly sensitive child and his problems.
For this I use recent scientific studies and insights (Part 1).
There are also many stories of highly sensitive children and their parents: for example, what it means for a sensitive child to go to summer camp, why do so many HS children suffer normal day to day shifts, why does a label in a T-shirt tickle. (Part 2).
Finally, I give a number of exercises and meditations include `Be loud,` Visualize a shield' and many practical tips for parents and other educators (Part 3).




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